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Azadshah Ganjali
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The artist draws her beauty with a brush
The writer writes her beauty with a pencil
The composer composes her beauty with colorful sounds
Azadshah Ganjali
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Recent works
I always thought about “Big bang” theory. I spent quite a lot of time on this idea. Big bang - Then, who created what we call God? and what is the reason? and what is chemical material? What caused his explosion? Is there anything... More
Laugh, laugh. Always laugh and smile on your face. When you are laughing, you get young, you feel self-cheerful. Your mood improves as you smile. This is the best motivation that a person can get. Even in difficult moments you should... More
Recent works
Recent works
This is my first sonatam in my music field. It is composed of three parts written for violin. Today I present you the first part. In other weeks, I will introduce other parts. My sonata creativity consists of two stages. These are Love... More
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Azadshah Ganjali

az.Azadşah Gəncəli

tr.Azadşah Genceli

rus.Азадшах Ганджали

Also know as:

Azadshah Ganjali

Birth name:

Fariz Hasanov


40.7°N 46.4°E


20 october, 1990
(age 29)


Scientist,Poet Writer,Composer, Painter,Natural, Philosophy, Mathematics


Cosmoravism, Romanticism, Modernism
Know for:


Topic pianter


Lyric poetry –
Free Poetry

Prose –
Short story, Story,
Novel, Drama,
Comedy, Tragicomedy,
Lyric Poems


Violin Scores,
Piano scores,
Etudes, Romance,
Sonata,  Operetta,

Notable ideas:


Years active:

2007 – Present



All the people who love you homeland, if you are thinking of joining which our ideology to create “Turan” state, then let's not make the biggest in the soul ? So let the world unite people. Let all humanity unite. Why do we think unite with Turkey, but not unite with the Frenchs, Germans, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, living in Africa and Russias. Do you think that we are different from them ? . Which are the thought, the ideas, the beliefs. But do not go too far. Let's take the example from ourselves. In America's smallest province, there are no people with different ideas, thinking and beliefs ? I think that there exist. So it turns out that we have no distinction from other folk. Wall all have a common culture, right? Yeah. If we adopt such deep ideas, then we can see that the world will be a beautiful place for everyone. Thank about a world without state and state borders ?! Which is united by all mankind in the world. Just think, think  about it…
For the first time, a person will leave the world. He will go to space. For the first, looking at the world from far away, he will imagine what an experience. Everything will shrink in a moment. Borders that separating mankind will disappear. For a moment now you will be remembered that you are not Russians, not American, not Chinese or not Turkish, but you are just a human and everything is indissolubly liked to each other. That we all have  a common world and for the first time, you will think chains are broken. “United World Community of Brothers” – you will adopt
 a heart, a homeland, a world ideology in our blue world.


* This picture was taken while serving in the N.no military unit. My little brother with Hasan Hasanov.

Azadshah Ganjali – He started his military service in the National Army of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2011. In 2013, he finished the N number military unit. In the course of his eighteen-month-long experience, he has come to the conclusion that military service is more harm than good. The most valuable  thing in human life so loses time. Then he sees himself as a victim of political propaganda. Perhaps you think that these ideas are strage to us. Let’s confess sincerely: Who would want to die in war? I think that nobody want it. We’ve already lost as much us we lost in battle. Similar events have occurred in many countries around the world.
– Millions of people died in war propaganda.“How many of those political elite who ordered war sends their son to the war camp” !? I don’t think any politicians can do that , do I? I think it’s like that. Then what does war need?! “According to our homeland”. Protect her territorial intergrity, and keepping her. But that’s not the truth. The truth is that the concept homeland in the eyes of the political elite is that homeland is the my own farm, and those who live in it are my servants. Here’s what their homeland is. Today is more or less the same thing all over the world.“It’s my understanding of my homeland which my homeland if you know that your family provides your liveihood, and if you have a good life to give your children a good future than it’s your homeland”. The homeland is not the state, because the state ot states are the world’s largest lie-propaganda, built by politicians. Homeland.! Everywhere in the world.  Everywhere is your homeland if all over the world, soils on the water. At one time, there will be only one homeland. It will be a single homeland where people of the world live together, mix together. It is a single person, or a few poeple will do, and all humanty will do it together. We will lay the foundation of United World Community of Brothers ( UWCB )


Azadshah GanjaliWhen choosing the nickname of “Azadshah Ganjali”, I never thought why I had to nickname. I’ve been thinking it for a long time. Why İ chose to nickname it, not a different nickname ?! Sometimes I would have chosen another nickname instead of this nickname. But frankly, I was thinking about changing what to nickname or another nickname. After a while, I realized that this name was not my choice because life made a choice for me. Life I’ve been living since my birth – the man who made my life a dungeon. In fact,  I don’t remember when I told him father, I don’t want to remember. Often I call him “Dayvoz” instead of him father. ( The “Dayvoz” character of Azadshah Ganjali in the “Kapazulla” mythological lyric poem is the father of darkness, intoxication and darkness ).
When I was a kid, I always wished to fly like free as the simurgh bird. I did not see 2D the world, I did see 3D. However, this freedom has been granted to me after 28 years. June 13 is the day of salvation for me. What I felt thing that day was so beautiful that it cloud not be described. It was the feeling that only the free man would feel. That was the most important role I played in life. Hm… hm… I was the leading force in this science-fiction book. I realized that nickname of Azadshah why freedom is king, and then what the free man will feel, and believe me, that it even better than sleeping with a woman. “If you are not freedom then you can't think in free sex”. If we can't think in free sex then it is only aggression for men and women. Freedom! If you is possible for each individual to turn this stimulus into potential and if you can understand the essence of freedom.! Some may think that if one should be free, the other should give up the freedom, and it must be dependent. But this is a big mistake. When we read the low of nature, we understand that there is no dependent, there is commitment. Everyone and everything has a place for itself. Everyone and everything connection on one another, and that each ather is a complex of whole.
These are just the things that an free person can think of. Either to be free or to be die. And now I wiil describe death in his kind of thing. ” Dying at 25 but only would buried at age 70 “.  Now, do you think what I mean !?
Azadshah.! Today I sign all works with this nickname. This word is so deep for me that except for a signature of my works even it is also the signature of my presence.


* It was a small newspaper published in the “Turkustan” newspaper while reading in Baku.

The Statue of

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Freedom in the World

Where I was born, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, justice, human rights and free will are so limited that there isn't a word to describe. In a country, people being imprisoned when you someone for the press “like” button on facebook page. On the other hand, heart of the matter country’s education has been destroyed as the desert of Africa.  The country’s education, like the great desert has no shade trees, no planting area for planting, no oasis to drink a drop of water. There are dead trees just like wilderness. Why are people not laughing, not happy or rejoice in the country where I was born? I searched the internet. I’ve seen the dictator leaders of the world, the places where those red color spaces are no free people.When I looked at this map, I understand that people are not  happy or laugh, there’re not happy. Because there’s no freedom. His absence only tells one thing. A bird living in a case from underneath. I continued my research. In countries where is no freedom, Why is there no freedom? Or when did those people lose their freedom?
But the reason was simple. It is not the dictatorial regimes that end up in the fact that these states do not lose their freedom, but the functioning system of the country. But if the system remains the same, there is no difference in the arrival of another dictator in the country. But when will this change. At the time, not the authority, the minds of the masses change. Freedom will knock door and bring you happy adn joy with itself.
It should never be forgotten that the harder it is to get Freedom, the more difficult it is to maintain it and to be responsible and holy.There is no culture, economy, technological breakthrough without freedom.
 Looking at the map something else caught my attention. The countries where there is no liberty are many in countries but where there are so many freedoms. Of course among them, the United States is in the best top positions. USA is in the first place among the super states. Because of the geographic location of this state, because of the flag color, because of different ideas and innovations, and because of the vast possibilities of such creative and radical people … I love this country in a word. I love it because of opportunities. And to be or not to be successful, this is already in your own hands.

I started my creative work with these works for the first time 
1.Nameless Obscure

Nameless obscure



2.Crime Or Justice

Crime or justice


AGK 78

3.Fikret Amirov

Fikret Amirov


AGK 44

4.High School Mathematics Notebook

School Mathematics


5.My First Music Work

My first score


AGK 16

6.The Skull Cap

The skull cap


AGK 36




AGK 25



My life consists of two periods. 1)  It is a period from 1990 to 2007-ci   2)  In 2007, it covers the period until now. (Azadshah Ganjali)

I Period

1990 year, I was born in Ganja city. A great deal of my life has passed in this city. The city of Ganja was a beautiful woman with long, curly hair for me. He was my first lover. And you know well that a man never forgets his first love. I must admit that this is the case for me. In sorrow, in joy, in laugher, in crying and in short, I lived with her in this city. I escaped from the Dayvoz's whip and took refuge in him. I find solace with her. Long.. long… I’d like to sat that I have not had a stressful psychological crisis for many years. My life was in the middle of a hurricane. I have been turning at the whirlpool in a hurricane. I’ve been trying 28 years to get out of hurricanes. It will take time to see if I can do it or not.

" Azadshah Ganjali "

Time Diamond

Favorites Word


Favorite Color

Prepare myself

Favorite Food


Favorite Style


Favorite Desert


Favorite Voice


Favorite Animal


Favorite City

II Period

2007  year, I was born again. I know that what makes me, me. I'm not 28 years old I feel 11 years old, and I have done it since then. The first one I did with  a black pencil works: “Vladimir Lelin” AGK 29 “Anathomy” AGK 31 “Skull skeleton” AGK 36; Oil paint works: “The sound of the mountains” AGK 157, The low of the sun” AGK 170. My Articles “Untitled Dark” AGK 6,  “Lucky share” AGK 137 – stories, AGK 56, AGK 63, AGK 64 different orator. The first (gazed) poem “Utansın” AGK 1, tunes “Nergiz” AGK 26, “Stylish girl” AGK 71, “Chickens” AGK 92, “Lazy” AGK 106 for child poems and The beauties of Azerbaijan etc. My first musical work is “Moderato” AGK 16 (for violin), “Fascinating Beauty” AGK 91, “Love” AGK 80, “Love” AGK, reflecting the pure love of the human being, and “Let's Come” AGK 122, AGK 125, Little Child Songs, Love Victory AGK 124, AGK Pro Shepherd Sonata, “Evil” AGK 160, and “Javad Khan” AGK Pro. 

There was no difference in the nightingale living in this 28-year-old cage that I live in. When I was free, I expressed  this infinite love by painting, writing and composing, and Still doing things İ can not do with great enthusiasm adn love.



“Birlikdən güc, gücdən dirçəliş, dirçəlişdən cəmiyyət, cəmiyyətdən dövlət doğar” (2007)


“Hərkəsin ödəyirəm verdiyi borcu, Ödəyə bilmirəm anavətən borcumu” (2007)


“Ordunu gücü onun silahı, Vətənin gücü sevəninin sayı” (2007)


“Flawless beautiful, which it is ugly with beauty” (2007)


“The future are the feet of the past”


“Riyaziyyat vahid bir ritmin kompleksidir” (Cinayət yoxsa Ədalət elmi / roman-nından)


“Sən kimsən!? Uğrunda öləcək qədər sevən, yaşayacaq qədər yaşayan, bu vətənə,bu torpağa,bu insanlara, bu təbiətə aşiq olan vurğunam”


“Kitab-hər bir kəsin həyatından götürülmüş, kiçik xoşbəxtliklərin bir yerə yığılmış böyük toplusudur” ( Virtouz romanın dan )


"When it did not have love, also it did not have mercy"


“İnsanlıq-onun sərhədləri içindəki sevgi ilə ölçülə bilər”.


"İki kəs vardır:-Biri vətənin sevən, biri dövlətini sevən. Onlar arsında tək fərq vardır. Biri əbədiyyətə qədər sevir, biri isə hakimiyyətdəykən sevir".​


"İki kəs vardır:-Biri vətənin sevən, biri dövlətini sevən. Onlar arsında tək fərq vardır. Biri əbədiyyətə qədər sevir, biri isə hakimiyyətdəykən sevir".​


“Məhəbbət, deyirlər dünyanı xilas edəcək.Həmdə dünyanı o məhv edəcək. Çünki, qurtardığı kimi, başlatanda odur”


“The Power from unity, the Unity from revival, the revival from society, and the state is born from society ” (2007)​


“Çirkin olsun ya gözəl,qəbulundu. Çünki,ikinci ürəyin yoxdur ki, yerinə qoyasan”


“İnsanlar deyirlər ki,yaxşı qız, oğlan tapmaq çətindi. Amma heç kəs demir ki,nə pis, nə yaxşı qız yaxud oğlan var. Tanrı, sənə necə qəlbin varsa,o cür qəlb bəxş edir".


“Haqqın, düzün yolundasan, doğru yerdə doğru insanların yanındasan. Ona görə ki, doğru yerdə,doğru insanlar axtarıbsan”.


“Love is the art of sensitive people, music is the art of exquisite emotion people.”


“The atom of science is math, the nucleus is zero, the electron is one.” ( ~ Crime or Justice science / novel )


“My life may without God, without religion, without females but I must not a day without knowladge”. ( Crime or justice secience / novel )​


" Whenever a woman runs a car, she crawl on all fours like a child". (~ from Bus Driver story)​


"Qadının azadlığı qəfəsin içində yaratdığın imkanlardan aslıdır.Qəfəsdən qaçmış bülbül hər budağa qonar". (Qızıl qəfəs hekayəsindən)​


"Laugther is so valuable and sacred that it is the mother of love".


"Jestlərin demək istədiyini dil deyir. Dilin demək istədiyi yüzlərlə sözü bir tək baxışlar deyir".​


“Ata,ananın məhəbbəti kifayət etmir evladın tərbiyyəsinə.Ona görə ki,məhəbbət ilə təbiyyə arsında fərq vardır.Beləki,tərbiyyənin köklərində praktika,məhəbbətdə isə hisslərdi”.​